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What We Do

Residential Design

Be It a VILLA or an APARTMENT we design the space in SIMPLE | ELEGANT | MODERN | VINTAGE | CONTEMPORARY | RUSTIC | CLASSY finishes. Indesign Place initiates with a full-fledged understanding in accordance with the client’s unique tastes, preferences and needs to create a space that best complements their style, character and personality. We engage closely with the Clients to give them the happiest possible place to live in.

Commercial Design

Be it OFFICES | WORK-STATIONS | CO-WORKING SPACES | RESTAURANTS | HOSPITALITY | LOBBIES | RETAIL OUTLETS | SHOWROOMS | OTHER PUBLIC PLACES, Indesign Place creatively designs to accomplish a comfortable and a flexible space, balancing functional needs and aesthetic preferences inside of a structure. We simply add value to a business or a building or simply elevate the space for those who spend time in it.

Our Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

YES !!!
First of all we are exicited to meet U in person. NOW WHAT ?...

Ofcourse ...
Let's have a chat, let's know & understand eachother better. let's talk about you & your Family / your Business / your Purpose on interiors. let's discuss about your Tastes, Preferences, Budgets and all other elements in order to create a HAPPY PLACE INSIDE .

What Next ?...
We shall consider all your expectations & what you need, Visit the site, take measurements and fly to generate IDEAS & CONCEPTS .

OKAY !!!
Now let's put on all the Ideas, Tastes, Preferences, Site inputs & Measurements and so on .
Let us make you feel awesome by presenting you with the best suited Ideas, Concept & Designs .

YEAH ...
We can understand. Generation of ideas, concepts & designs are always an ongoing process .

You know what HAPPY PLACE INSIDE is what we look for at the end of the day. So we are always with you in implementing any fresh ideas .

That's Awesome is'nt it ?

Now, let's Freeze the Deal. let's start the work. We would also be eagerly waiting for the creation of HAPPY PLACE INSIDE .

HEY !!!
You don't have to worry here on..

We shall design your place, take your approval and guide our most experienced team to initiate the creation of the

Here comes the time for sourcing out materials. We provide you the best matched quality materials to make your house even more beautiful.

   Your Place Is Our Place , We are already FRIENDS ! Right ?..  


Too much of work will now be started. This is the time where you start seeing a lot of actions happening in the process of giving you a HAPPY PLACE INSIDE by our team and our vendors; building, processing, delivering & installing your To-be Happy Place .

We shall superwise the complete phase of work & Handover the beautifully finished HAPPY PLACE to you with a big happiness all around .

WOW !!!
That's Fantabulous . That is what we like to Hear from U .


Hey Come On We Are  FRIENDS Already .

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